Amazing nature

Biking in Italy

South Tyrol

Exploring in Åhus❤️

Unraveling in Paris

Space m yoga class 2, 3, 4 and 5

Wassenaar, NL

Unleash your sup practice

Bye Växjö, Sweden. Hello Leiden, Netherlands.


Thank you Växjö for this time. Last day teaching @vedayoga and a big thank yoga to Linda for all support and wonderful work together. I will be back again. But now it’s time to move to Leiden in the Netherlands. Please come and visit.

Stockholm Pilates Center

Thank you Stockholm Pilates Center for hosting my Space m yoga course. Such a great studio. Anna Fellström supported me throughout the training and we had the opportunity to meet wonderful participants. Excited to follow their journey. I also met my dear friend Anna Paringer. She is the reason I started to practice yoga❤️.