Trail running with Tore

Photo: Tore Amundoy

Words from Aimee Challies

Are your thoughts around your body true? And if they dare to be the truth! Do these thoughts define your movement/ your ability/ your goals/ your perception of your body? Could you exchange definitions to possibilities and potential… instead?

Thank you Competa Yoga.



The reason for experiencing stiffness is not the same thing as being actually stiff. Lack of recovery, not enough sleep, high stress load, inflammation or a flu, are some reasons for feeling stiffness, 

If your indicator of feeling stiff is the reason why you add yoga, mobility, stretching (or whatever you like to call it) it might not be relevant and appropriate all the time. It might be lack of strength or endurance, not enough sleep or experience with pain that’s causing the stiffness. What also influences our subjective experience of bodily state might be the people and environment around you... 

  • Is stiffness a feeling or a belief? 

  • Do you verify (validate?) range of motion from an external view or is it the internal sensation? 

  • And if you need to categorise yourself as stiff, when do you think not being stiff will happen?

Personlig träning och gruppklasser i Växjö


Numera kan du träna med mig på Vedayoga/Idrottskliniken i Växjö. Jag erbjuder personlig träning och gruppklasser. För bokning kontakta eller klicka dig vidare på denna länk.

Germany and Switzerland.

Soon at VEDAYOGA in Växjö.

So happy to start offering group and private sessions in Växjö. Warm welcome to VEDAYOGA. Thank you Linda Wikström for sharing your space!

By the lake. Nature is medicine.