Cross legged, flexed feet and parallel with side of the mat. Sitting bone connection.

  1. Extension and flexion
  2. Side bend
  3. Rotation 
  4. Forward fold 
  5. Leg opening series SLR front, side and twist 
  6. Twist hand to foot 


  • Blocks to align with feet. 
  • Use a block or blanket to elevate seat.
  • Move from upper to lower spine in extension and flexion.
  • Stay in side bend- reaching arm create medial and lateral rotation.
  • Stay in side bend- reaching arm create medial and lateral rotation with neck rotation/side bend. 
  • Circle from elbow in rotation. 
  • Use both arms in rotation. 
  • Hold foot with a strap.


Roll in front of sitting bone and extend from lower, middle and upper spine. Lean behind sitting bones and flex from lower, middle and upper spine. Soft undulation from pelvis to skull. Can you keep the shoulders broad the entire time?

Lower chin and lean the spine back. Feel a long elongation from side of the skull to fingertips. Lower the collar bone and slide shoulder blade away. Can you connect the left sitting bone when your side bend to the right side?

Create rotation around your lower, middle and upper spine. Use the undulation in rotation together with flexion and extension. Can you feel that the arm is moving the spine and the spine is moving the arm? The hand on the floor will assist you with a light push and pull.

In forward fold tilt sacrum anterior. Push sides of the legs and feet into mat. Keep head aligned with the middle spine. And lift the armpits further forward. Extension in the middle spine. Rolling anterior of sitting bones.

Let the knee extension pull the arm and elongate the spine from sitting bones to crown of head. Dorsal flexion in foot with parallel toes and stay with equal body weight in pelvis. Can you look with the right eye to see the left arm?