Space m yoga- sequence March 2018

  • Bilateral elbow circle front to back
  • Unilateral elbow circle with body rotation
  • Bilateral elbow circle with body wave
  • Forward fold with squat
  • Lunge with flexion and extension
  • Down dog
  • Down dog with lower body rotation, to create rotation and sidebend
  • Down dog flexion and extension
  • Down dog to plank, push up
  • Up dog with climbing knees
  • Up dog to down dog
  • 3-legged dog to curl, knee armpit, floor and reverse
  • Lunge with arm circle front to back
  • Lunge with arm circle back to front, turn sideways, repeat 1x
  • Floating to stand upright
  • One-legged stance circumduction 

Repeat the entire sequence, leading with the other side. Never stop exploring.