I like to inspire you how to explore different environments within a yoga practice. The SUP-board might be on option. Here is a sequence that you can play with. The material is divided into six modules. Depending on the size of your SUP-board, yourself (body proportions) and the weather/water conditions you will need to adapt. Finding your way- is the way.

In each of the modules you will have different focus. This is one way to puzzle a program.

  1. Breathing- arrive in stillness

  2. Expansion- explore your possibilities

  3. Salutations- connect one movement after the other

  4. Peak- invite a challenge

  5. Inversion- how is the water upside down?

  6. Finishing- surrender with gravity

I like to emphasis on the transitional part in between movement. Find mindful ways of unraveling. Number of repetitions/time you spend in each movement is optional. A good start can be around 30-60 seconds within each exercise.

Let me know if you have any questions! Please share your experience @spacemyoga or #spacemyoga




  • Resting breathing in a comfortable position. Breathing in and out through the nose (if it’s possible) in a calm silent manner.



  • Forward fold, holding around the board, reach the arms forward, widening knees sideways and tilting the pelvis forward

  • Seated rotation, holding around edges as reference points (push and pull) to welcome rotation from the lower, middle and upper spine

  • Seated sidebend, holding around the edge and reaching the other arm. Leaning into water from the upper body, but resisting by the lower body

  • Four point kneeling with flexion and extension around the torso

  • Kneeling arm circles, exploring the potential from the upper limb

  • Diagonal arm- and leg lift and say hello to less contact points

  • 1/2 bow, can you push the hand towards the leg or the leg towards the hand?

  • Low lunge, push the knee forward and keeping the torso vertical

  • Pigeon

  • Plank pose

  • Repeat everything from four-point kneeling and change leading leg in the diagonal arm- and leg lift, 1/2 blow, low lunge and pigeon.

  • Plank pose

  • Plank pose with leg lift, alternate sides

  • Plank pose with leg curl flexion, alternate sides

  • Plank pose, lower to prone, cobra/up dog to down dog

  • From down dog transfer to a standing position

  • Squats

  • Squat and hold in the end range, reach fingers to the sides of the board

  • Squat end range with rotation, alternate sides

  • Cow face arms, alternate sides

  • Eagle arms, alternate sides

  • Table top, lift up from the back body

  • Table top with leg lift

  • Floating leg lift from a supine position

  • Hip lift, push arms towards the board or float towards the sky

  • Hip lift with leg lift variation, alternate sides


Start on the top of the board (as far forward as possible….)

  • Standing arm circle to the sky

  • Forward fold, hands towards the feet

  • Step back one leg in a lunge position + lift one arm to the sky (you can do both sides!)

  • Plank pose, down dog, up dog and down dog

  • Step forward lunge

  • Forward fold, gather the feet from your starting position

  • Repeat the cycle, change the leading leg.


  • Wheel pose, bring hands and feet wide to create a broad space for your contact points.



  • Headstand = prepare to swim:-)


  • Supine twist, alternate sides. Use the top leg to push down towards the bottom leg. Twist around the spine.

  • Relaxation. Drifting away…